Gerdy van der Stap is an anthropologist and writer. She practises many
genres – novels, scripts, travel reports and interviews – all of which are
characterized by her great love for dialogue, humour and a keen eye for
‘the human condition’.


Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam

Some of my travel stories:

Much more than just sex
Everything goes in Hedonism III. Though at times you are required
to be naked, in the Jamaican resort. ‘No lie, Don is insatiable.’
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The best dance instructor for all
The language school in Havana provides Spanish lessons, obviously.
But after you talk the talk, you walk the walk: two weeks of salsa lessons
with your own private dance instructor. ‘Can I borrow yours for a minute?’
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Glasgow, fickle folk, talking patter
‘Aye, d’yenaehaewae?’ a robust man mumbles. Or something like it.
‘The patter’ as the dialect of Glasgow is called, is barely comprehensible
even with proper pronunciation, so this is chanceless. Sorry?
The mumbler opens his coat. He’s got illicit cigarettes for sale.
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Paradise for white women
Obviously. Negril has a beautiful beach and blue sea.
But it’s also the place where Western tourists look for a man to rent.
‘Just cop a feel.’ Omar glances downward and states with a big smile:
‘this is what the women come for, the big bamboo!’
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